Here Are Your Top Bing Ad Trends Of 2013

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Earlier this week, Bing shared the top search trends of 2013. Every major person and event of the year was represented, except for the strange omission of Breaking Bad in the TV category. Now Bing is at it again with another list showing us the most searched ad campaigns over the last year.

It's interesting to note that Super Bowl ads do not dominate Bing's list. You would think with all the social media craze surrounding this year's ads on Twitter and YouTube that Bing users would be searching for the ads. While two ads from the big game do show up, neither are in the top five. Instead, ads specifically tailored towards going viral online dominate the list thanks to witty writing or in one case - controversy.

So, without further ado, here are the top ten most searched ad campaigns of 2013 on Bing:

1. "Baby" and "Watermelon" from Old Spice

2. "Baby & Me" from Evian

3. "Stay Together" from Skype

4. "Show Your Joe" From Kmart

5. "Hump Day" from Geico

6. "The Kiss: Bar Rafaeli's Perfect Match" from GoDaddy

7. "Grandma" and "Werewolf" from AT&T

8. "Test Drive" from Pepsi MAX

9. "The Year of the Farmer" from Chrysler Ram Truck

10. "Fireman Saves Kitten" from GoPro

Of course, ads aren't the only thing being searched for on Bing. Brands are super important as well. That's why Bing put together a list of all the top bidded brands of 2013. A lot of the brands you would expect to see show up, including some newcomers like Keurig in the food and beverage category. Here's the full list:

Here Are Your Top Bing Ad Trends Of 2013

Bing suggests advertisers use the above terms as inspiration for keywords in their next campaign.

[Image: Old Spice/YouTube]

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