Here Are the Winners of the Tribeca/Vine 6-Second-Video Competition

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Vine, Twitter's 6-second video app, is seeing some impressive adoption as of late. From politics to advertising, and from comedy to game teasers. Vine played a pretty big role in feeding raw footage from the recent Boston Marathon bombings as well.

Vine was also the inspiration for a recent competition put on by the Tribeca Film Festival. #6SecFilms asked aspiring Vine-makers to submit their best work to be judged for a chance to win a little pocket change and, well, internet glory. Tribeca says that there were over 400 entries, and that their panel whittled it down to 4 winners.

"We're ready to announce the winners of Tribeca's #6SECFILMS Vine Competition! After TFF's Programmer Genna Terranova created the shortlist, our illustrious jury members pored over it and came up with their choices. The winners will receive $600 each (a Benjamin for each second), and the honor of knowing their Vines were the best."

Without further ado, here are your Tribeca Vine winners:

@KevyPizza, There Is No Sunny-Side to This Story (In the Auteur category):

@Matt Swinsky, LazerAndDonald Close Shave (In the Genre category):

@Jethro Ames, How to Clear Your Garage From a Scary Ghost (In the Animate category):

Chris Donlon, The Book Beetle trilogy (In the Series category):

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