Henry Cavill Named Sexiest Man; Talks Affleck Choice


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In a recent poll from Glamour magazine, Henry Cavill was named the Sexiest Man of 2013, winning the most votes from 95,000 readers.

For the past four years, Robert Pattinson (of Twilight fame) had won the title. One would think Pattinson would have gained more mass appeal after his break-up with Kristen Stewart, but apparently the style of the year is huge, muscle-bound, classy (but with rough, bearded appeal) men instead of sparkling vampires.

Other prominent celebrities on the list include Liam Hemsworth at number 3, Tom Hiddleston at number 4, Benedict Cumberbatch at number 5, Harry Styles at number 6, Chris Hemsworth at number 7, and Justin Beiber at number 10.

When one wins a sexiest man award, it also brings with it a new level of ethos that makes every statement one makes from that moment on more credible than it previously would have been (by the laws of sexiness). Therefore, fans should be appeased by hearing that Cavill has allayed fears that Ben Affleck will not make a proper Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel:

“I’m sure he’ll be fantastic above all else. And as a filmmaker, he’s got his own style, you know. He’s not copying anyone else. And he’s also sort of being tenacious in his career. He’s had ups followed by downs and now he’s very up again, and I think that requires and shows a very special strength of character. And it’s something which I enjoy working with because jobs like this require strength of character, they require a dedication to the work and belief in oneself. And Ben has that, clearly.”

Cavill's comments support the vision held by the sequel's producer, Charles Roven: "We wanted a guy who had a certain age and a certain gravitas to what he had done in terms of his recent work. If you take a look at The Town and Argo, he plays a couple of serious guys in those movies. He’s a big man. He’s also a mature man. As you see him and Henry together, one definitely has much more experience just by looking at him. That’s what we wanted, particularly juxtaposed against our Superman."

Not only did Cavill opine about the choice of Affleck as the next Batman, but he also spoke on looking forward to working with Affleck's version of Batman on stage: "The next instalment, as we all know, is involving another rather important character, and i’m looking very forward to that interaction, because ultimately they’re two sides of the same coin. How they interact, how they clash and how they ultimately aim towards the same goal is going to be an interesting relationship, and I look forward to playing that with Ben especially."

While not much information has been released concerning the Zack Snyder directed Batman vs. Superman flick, Roven's vision coupled with Cavill's and Affleck's attitudes toward the project should make one excited. Even if one has some skepticism left in them, at least this clash of comic book titans paves the way for a Justice League movie, something we have all been itching to see since the success of The Avengers franchise.

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