Help Choose The Look Of Pac-Man's Next Outing


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There has not been a "new" Pac-Man in quite some time. The last major iteration of the classic franchise came with Pac-Man Championship Edition. It's been ported to just about every other platform since its original release on Xbox Live Arcade. Now Namco is ready for the next proper Pac-Man game, and needs a little help from the fans.

Namco asked their Facebook fans yesterday to choose the look of the next Pac-Man game. There are four options to choose from, and they are all radically different from one another. In fact, some of the designs hearken back to the early days of Pac-Man when he was more abstract and the ghosts were actually kind of threatening.

Help Choose Pac-Man's Next Character Design

The current favorites seem to be C and D. Both designs are callbacks to previous Pac-Man designs without looking too retro. There are also a few votes for B, but we can rest easy knowing that many people don't like the look of A. I'm partial to D, but that's more because of the ghosts' designs.

It's still unknown at this point what kind of game Namco could be making. It's obvious that the game will probably be for mobile devices, but a console version is definitely not out of the question at this point. It all really depends on what Namco can do with the franchise. Pac-Man CE was about as perfect as the core formula can get. They could attempt another 3D platformer like Pac-Man World, but I doubt fans would want anything other than classic old-school Pac-Man.

You can make your voice heard over at Namco's official Facebook page.