Helmut Haller Dies at 73, German World Cup Footballer

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For those who are into classic football history, or have been watching the World Cup since the 1960s, I am sure you are aware of who Helmut Haller was. Haller was a well-known German footballer who unfortunately passed away this past Wednesday, October 11th, 2012.

In 1948, Haller (from Ausberg, Germany) started to play football professionally, and in 1962, he was one of the first Germans (during the East Germany / West Germany division) to play in Italy in the World Cup..

During the 1996 World Cup, Haller was one of the players responsible for Italy's lead in the game; however, England won the title 4-2 of the 1966 World Cup championship (source: ESPN).

In 1973, Haller left Italy and returned to Ausberg, Germany, where he joined FC Ausberg, which was a merged team of his original football team prior to his departure to Italy. Haller then later retired from playing in 1979; however, Haller stayed within the football world by coaching various amateur-level clubs.

Unfortunately, on October 11th, 2012, Helmut Haller died after suffering various illnesses, such as Parkinson's disease and dementia. Haller was 73 years old at the time of his death.

There are many tweets being posted (like the tweet below) suggesting that those in support of Haller wear black arm bands in remembrance of his legacy. Will you be wearing yours? Let us know in the comments!

Many other tweets are floating around Twitter sending their condolences to this well-known German World Cup star:


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