Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton Reportedly Broke Up A Year Ago

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Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton have been a golden couple in Hollywood for over a decade now, so when they announced earlier this week that they had separated, fans were devastated. However, sources are reporting that they actually split over a year ago and have been seeing other people.

The couple have two children together and have said the breakup is amicable, but tabloids are reporting that the actress has been having a hard time after Burton was spotted kissing a blonde woman late last year.

“Tim and Helena have been living separate lives for [more than] a year, and since they separated, they have both had other lovers. The separation announcement was made saying they’d split earlier this year, but they have been living apart for much longer. Both parties are happy with the situation. It is perfectly amicable," a source told the Post.

The duo met in 2001 on the set of The Planet Of The Apes and have been together ever since, although they never married. Their personal relationship never seemed to affect their working one, and they did several film projects together over the years. They did live in adjacent homes but built a connection between them so they could have their own space yet still live together.

Despite the deluge of rumors hitting the newsstands, the couple appear to be on good terms with one another and stepped out on Christmas Day with their children in London.

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