Helen Mirren: A “Terrible Person”?

Helen Mirren is generally the picture of perfect grace and English poise.

However, just like any other human, Helen Mirren has her discrepancies.

On the red carpet for the Roundabout Theatre Company’s 2015 Spring Gala New York on Monday night, Helen Mirren decided that it was the perfect time to confess something dreadful wherein she was the cause.

Helen Mirren admitted that she was the reason a man was dragged off the New York subway in “police” custody.

Helen Mirren regailed listeners with her confession. She said, “I was rushing to go to the theatre with my husband and some friends and the subway drew in and I ran ahead and put my hand through the closing doors to keep it open.”

She added, “This very nice man jumped up and held the doors open so we could all come in and sit down and then the train sort of got stuck and then the subway police came along and said, ‘who’s responsible for holding the train?'”

She continued, “And this guy said ‘I am’ and they took him away and I’m sitting there, and to this day I want to apologize to him because I should have got up out of my seat there and then and walked off and said ‘he did it for me, it’s my fault’, but we were late for the theatre so I sat there.”

Helen Mirren was, in her own eyes, disgraced. She said, “So that’s my horror story against me, I was a terrible person.”

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The delightful and incredibly talented Helen Mirren is, indeed, human.

What do you think about Helen Mirren’s “terrible” confession?

Does that make her a bad person or simply indicate that she would react in the same way that most of us would in that situation?

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