Heidi Klum's Bra Was Stolen By Magician

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The stunning Heidi Klum had no idea what she was in for when she signed up as a judge for hit show America's Got Talent!

In the new season of Talent, one very brave magician decided to wow the bra off of the blonde Victoria's Secret model during the audition process for the reality show.

"There was a magician and one minute I was wearing a bra, and then next minute he was holding my bra and I have no idea how he did that!" Klum exclaimed at the NBCUniversal Summer Press Tour on Tuesday.

Klum went on to explain how the magical act happened. She even admitted that she gave fellow co-host Howie a peek underneath her blouse to prove the magician did in fact steal her bra!

"He wanted to know if it was really missing and he checked and it was gone," she said.

"That was my favorite morning so far on the show," Howie proclaimed. "The show benefited, I benefited and the act benefited."

So did the gorgeous Klum ever get her bra back?

It seems the magician kept the supermodel's bra leaving Klum bare-chested for the remainder of auditions.

"I was a little droopy from then on!" she jokingly said.

Talent premiers Tuesday, May 27 and features some exciting new additions to the show.

"If we don't like an act, we can buzz [them off], but now every judge has the opportunity to save someone," Heidi said. "So if someone gets three Xs and you believe in that person enough, you can hit the Golden Buzzer." But here's the catch: each judge can only push the Golden Buzzer once per season.

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