Heidi Klum: Too Much Skin Banned Her from Airport

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Heidi Klum modeled recently for a series of photographs advertising for Sharper Image. Some of these photos were destined for McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. When the company that manages the indoor advertising saw how little the America's Got Talent judge and host of Project Runway was wearing, they banned the advertisement photos from appearing there.

Fox News reports that the Las Vegas-based Alliance Airport Advertising determined the images were in violation of a Clark County code designed to protect families that pass through the airport.

Airport spokeswoman Christine Crews confirmed that the initial set of black and white photos were banned. However she says a new set of photos, "amended" by Iconix Brand Group, which is Sharper Image's ad firm, have been approved for use inside the airport. They will appear from January 3rd through January 9th--the same time frame during which the initial set of photos was scheduled to be on display.

Iconix Brand Group said in a statement that it was shocked the initial ads featuring Heidi Klum were "banned in Las Vegas--of all places." The company says even the initial photos were both "tasteful" and "beautiful."

It is kind of an oxymoron that in Las Vegas--where scantily clad women reign supreme--that photos of Heidi Klum were banned. Las Vegas has, in recent years, tried to cater to more of a family crowd. Perhaps Clark County created the code when families began taking their vacations in Las Vegas.

How often do you suppose Heidi Klum has been told she is wearing too little clothing? It is far more likely that the former supermodel has been told numerous times throughout the years that she's wearing way too much clothing instead.

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