Heidi Klum Selfie Of Her Bare Butt, Taken By Her Mom

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A lot of us had been disciplined through spanking when we were young, but Heidi Klum took spanking to the next level when she posted her pert bum being spanked with a spoon embellished with the words, “naughty spoon”.

Heidi Klum was wearing a micro jean skirt in the photo and captioned it “Ouch.”

Ouch ?

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And instead of spanking her little girl for the naughty picture, turned out that Heidi Klum’s mom was the one who took most of Klum’s photo. “You will be surprised when you hear that my mom takes most of the photos,” Heidi Klum told Access Hollywood. “Yeah, my mom and dad. They were on holiday. Yes, so my mom can take some good photos.” Heidi Klum explained that her heritage is one of the reasons why she’s a little freer when it comes to nudity. She’s German and well, nudity is widely accepted in the country. "And I’m European. I don’t like wearing tops," Heidi told Access. "And I don’t like tan lines."

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Heidi Klum also shared to Us Weekly last November, that she gets more comfortable the less clothing she wears, especially in front of the camera. In fact, she frequently shares photo of her on the beach without her top on. "I feel sexiest when I'm shooting, to be honest, the less I have on," Heidi told Us. "Many people maybe are the opposite, like maybe they prefer to be more dressed. But the less clothes I have on, the easier it is for me to shoot, and the sexier I feel," she said. According to presidential candidate, Donald Trump, Heidi Klum is no longer a 10. Klum made fun of Trump's comment by posting a video clip on Twitter, wherein she’s wearing a sign with number 10, ripped off by a man in Trump and leaving her with just 9.99 instead.

So, what score Trump will give Heidi Klum now on that pert bum picture added with that naughty spoon spanking? Maybe she’s back to 10.

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