Heather Mills, Paul McCartney's Ex - Abusive?


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The ex-wife of former Beatle, Paul McCartney, and former model has ended her career with the British Disabled Ski Team after accusations of abuse to a Paralympic official.

Mills was accused Thursday of physically attacking a Paralympic official in a fit of rage and screaming, "'you're a bitch, you're a bitch, you don't know who I am, I'm going to make your life miserable."

The official, Sylvana tried to walk away and Heather moved and grabbed at her and had to be restrained by the British coach, according to CNN.

Mills had her left leg amputated below the knee after a road accident with a police motorcycle in 1993. She intended to try and participate in the 2014 Games. The argument was spurred when the question arose about the eligibility of her equipment.

Craig Spence, the IPC's director of communications stated, "Heather has subsequently claimed in her statements that she has got an injury caused by the IPC forcing her to wear a heavier boot, but as far as we're aware she has been using the unapproved boot all season."

"We had notified her and her coach that if she continues to compete on that boot she would be disqualified but that her results from the season and Monday would still stand. Heather's subsequent statement that she had been disqualified is nonsense," said Spence.

"Sylvana Mestre will step down after Sochi and maybe then the management of disabled sport can be reassessed, so that disabled athletes are treated with fairness and supported in their attempts to represent their country, in the same way able-bodied athletes are," said a Mills statement.

Mills could be fined up to £835 for her outburst, even though her own team has disputed the events.

In a refutal statement by the Mills team, "Heather waited patiently -- as the IPC confirmed -- to try and explain to Sylvana Mestre that her left boot was legal and purely cosmetic to abide by the archaic IPC rules."

The Mills statement also claimed Mestre had shouted at Mills and would not allow the GB coach an opportunity to "speak or explain" before storming off.

Either way, it appears as if Mills won't be participating in the 2014 Sochi Paralympics. BBC claims Mills is devastated after pulling herself out of the competition due to an injury by unfair IPC regulations.

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