Hearing Aids For iPhone, Apple Watch Users Hit The Spotlight


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Hearing aids from ReSound will be in the spotlight next week as the company takes its expanded portfolio to EUHA’s 60th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians in Nuremberg, Germany.

This year, the company introduced ReSound Smart for Apple Watch, which lets users control smart hearing aids from their wrist.

During the conference, the company will give interactive demos of its line-up of smart hearing aids including the ReSound LinX2, which it declares to be the world's first full family of "made for iPhone" hearing aids. ReSound says in an announcement:

This innovation builds on ReSound’s industry-leading technologies in all areas of Smart Hearing (audiology, connectivity, design, and apps), and on the fourth generation of GN ReSound’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless platform. ReSound will also showcase the world’s smartest super power hearing aid, ReSound ENZO, for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

ReSound’s Smart Hearing aids lead the industry in connectivity, allowing users to stream sounds, including phone calls and music, directly to their hearing aids without the use of an intermediary device. Innovative technologies give wearers the most natural hearing experience possible, including Spatial Sense, which gives wearers a natural ability to focus on conversation while maintaining a sense of where sounds are coming from. Users also have the freedom to personalize their hearing experience through the ReSound Smart app, available for iOS devices, including iPhone and Apple Watch, and several Android models.

In other hearing aid news, CVS announced it will be experimenting with selling hearing aids (as well as glasses) in stores.