Four Features To Add To Your Healthcare Business Website

To stay ahead of the game digitally in today's competitive market, be sure to watch the trends for healthcare business website development....
Four Features To Add To Your Healthcare Business Website
Written by Brian Wallace
  • No matter what your business, you need a website these days and when it comes to representing your business and your industry, you’re going to need different things on it to suit a user’s needs. You’ll also want to think about the best web hosting services.

    When it comes to healthcare, that’s certainly the case. More and more people go online these days to seek medical advice, whether it be for aches and pains, anxiety or depression, and even addiction, with most treatment centers having websites these days highlighting what rehab treatment consists of.

    If you have a medical or healthcare business that you’re looking to build a website for, or perhaps want to make sure you’ve got all the right features on your site, then here are four things you simply must have on it…

    Your Services

    Of course, first and foremost you need to make sure that you are showcasing the services you have on offer. Ultimately, that’s how potential customers are going to know whether to use you or not.

    It’s really important not to be too technical here, as most people won’t really understand that and while they need to know you are experts in your field, you need to balance it with language everyone can understand.

    Calls to Action

    Lots of calls to action should be on the page. You need to encourage people to contact you and on the homepage, about and services pages especially give users plenty of opportunity to get in touch.

    The ways to do so should be varied, with contact forms, live chat, email addresses and telephone all available from the page, while it’s also useful to make it easy to tap and get in touch for those browsing on mobile.


    Trust is such a big part of any healthcare website and even falls in line with how a website may rank on Google in accordance with EAT and YMYL. Therefore, as well as showcasing your own expertise, highlight how you’ve already helped people too.

    Testimonials are a good way to do this as you can deliver to customers the positive experiences of others and how they have been helped by your business and expertise. This is a reassurance that what you’re telling customers on your website works, and you’re much more likely to earn patients through this method.

    Helpful Guides

    Helpful guides and advice on your site can also showcase your expertise further as well as being a good starting point to earning new clients.

    The first port of call for anyone seeking a healthcare professional is searching online for any medical ailment they have and how to deal with it. If you can have content online that highlights this, followed by calls to action, you’re much more likely to see a potential client or patient take that next step and get in touch with you.

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