Headphones For Holiday Gifts, Which Ones Are the Best?


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Its no surprise that headphones are considered one of the hottest holiday gift items of the year. According to the 'Black Friday' sales records, headphone purchases were through the roof. With the vast number of brands on the market, headphones are no longer just for easy listening. They've definitely become a fashion statement. So, in addition to sound quality, buyers are looking for a certain visual appeal to compliment the listening experience.

While headphones have always been vastly popular, nowadays that popularity depends solely on the brand. In most cases, Beats by Dre headphones are the first that come to mind. However, they aren't the only ones listeners are running to grab during the holiday season.

According to Forbes, the going rate for headphones can range from 'a few bucks' to well over $2K. However, there are a couple ways buyers can make a great purchase decision without spending 'an arm and a leg.'  There are actually a few brands that top the list where quality and affordability are concerned. So, here's the top three:

Skull Candy Crushers:

Style, appearance, quality, and affordability are all factors in the attraction to the Skull Candy Crushers. The Crushers feature a built-in amplifier, microphone,  bass enhancing control, and a smart circuit power switch. When the headphones are unplugged from the playback source, the headphones will shut off in approximately 10 seconds. Another drawing card is the overall look, durability and flexibility. The Crushers can be folded, for storage without the possibility of being broken. They come in black, red, and white. The going rate for the Crushers is only $99.99.


Beats by Dre Studio Headphones:

When it comes to fashion, Beats by Dre headphones come in a variety of colors and styles to meet the needs of consumers. They're also heavily favored in the music world by artists, athletes, and public figures. Beats headphones come in seven different styles: Wireless, Pro, Mixr, Solo, Studio Wireless, Studio, and Executive. Unlike Skull Candy and SOUL headphones, one particular style may not be all- purpose. For example, the Solo and Studio Wireless headphones are more appropriate for personal usage, while the Pro and Executive styles are more beneficial for sound engineering and music production. But nevertheless, all styles bare the same impeccable adaptive noise cancelling capability, along with premium bass boost, sound clarity and balance. Another attractive factor is that all styles coming in an array of colors. From lime green, orange and hot pink, to the ever-popular red, black and grey, Beats aim to please consumers. The only drawback for some consumers may be the price. Beats by Dre headphones range from $199.99 up to $449.99.


SOUL by Ludacris (SL150CB Edition)

While they may not receive as much notoriety as the Beats by Dre and Skull Candy brands, don't rule out the SOUL headphones when making your decision. SOUL headphones are known for 'professional high definition' sound, high-precision audio balance and superb bass. The headphones are also made for all types of usage. So, regardless of whether they're for personal or professional use, the SOUL headphones will get the job done. The only drawback may be the sound clarity. Depending on the playback device, the audio balance may not be as proficient. The SL150CBs come in blue, black and white for a retail price of $149.00


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