HBO, Universal Agree to Exclusive Deal a Month After Netflix Inks Deal with Disney

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Another day, another battle in the content wars. This time, we can give the victory to HBO.

HBO and Universal Pictures have announced an extension of their licensing deal which will make sure that Universal Pictures and Focus Features' movies stay on HBO for the next ten years.

Of course, this isn't a new deal. HBO and Universal have had a relationship since 2003. This is just a step to secure that relationship for another decade. HBO wants to make sure its loyal partner isn't tempted to stray, you know, by the allure of another streaming platform like Netflix.

As you would expect, the new HBO/Universal deal gives HBO exclusive rights to the content. So Netflix, Amazon Prime, nor any other streaming content provider can offer what HBO offers in terms of some of the world's most in-demand titles.

"Through our long and successful partnership with Universal Pictures, HBO has been able to deliver some of the biggest and best Hollywood theatricals to our subscribers," said HBO's Bruce Grivetti. "We are excited to extend our relationship with Universal Pictures and have now solidified HBO's position for first-run theatricals into the next decade."

"With HBO's far-reaching network of premium services, ranging from the traditional in-home experience to its mobile applications, we are pleased to continue this relationship and bring Universal and Focus Features' films to HBO subscribers for many years to come," said Rick Finkelstein, COO. "With our upcoming slate of films, HBO will continue to offer outstanding film content to their already vast library of movies, specials and award-winning original programming."

In the content wars, it's not just about snatching up content for your service, but also snatching it up exclusively. Just a month ago, Netflix inked a huge deal with Disney - a multi-year partnership that will bring new films to Netflix inside the pay TV window. And yes, it's an exclusive deal.

Things are heating up between two of the major players in the game. It's funny to think that just six months ago, people were discussing rumors of an HBO/Netflix partnership, despite their somewhat rocky history.

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