HBO Dangles Another Carrot, Streams "The Newsroom" Pilot For Free

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Much to the delight of everyone still reeling from the loss of Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and (to a lesser extent, I guess) The Killing for the season, HBO debuted a brand new drama centered around the innerworkings of a cable new program aptly titled The Newsroom.

Apart from a cast containing the likes of Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, and a hilariously lubricated Sam Waterston, one of the big draws of the show is that it's from the mind of Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin, of course, it known for the much-loved political drama The West Wing, as well as recent films The Social Network and Moneyball. You can also catch his unmistakable screenwriting flourishes in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic.

If you don't have HBO and fear the world of torrenting, you're in luck. HBO has put the entire first episode of The Newsroom online for free.

This isn't the first time HBO has put a series opener online, most recently having done so with the Julia Louis-Dreyfus vehicle Veep. But it's always just been the first episode - just a little taste to get you hooked.

Of course, HBO's goal is to promote new subscriptions by displaying their quality content for the masses. It's a good strategy - a way to say, "look at the great show that's just starting - you can get in at the ground floor." Also, signing up for HBO gives you access to all of their programming on HBO Go...

...but only if you are signed up with a cable provider that gives access.

There's been an online movement exerting pressure on HBO to offer a standalone streaming service like HBO Go - but one separate from cable ties. That effort recently culminated in a Twitter campaign called "Take My Money, HBO" that saw thousands take to the site to tell HBO just how much they would pay for such a service (around 12 bucks a month, on average).

HBO responded, basically saying that it's not in their best interests to offer such a service (for now).

For those who will never fork over the cash for cable + HBO, think of this offering as an easy way to watch the first episode in the new series. For people with HBO, maybe your DVR screwed up. If so, HBO's here for the save:

You can also check it out on YouTube or grab it free on iTunes.

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