Hayden Panettiere Rumored to Have Gotten a Boob Job

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Sometimes, judging whether someone has had plastic surgery can be easy.

Take, for example, Valeria Lukyanova, the Russian woman who has had her body warped into the shape of a Barbie doll and doesn't resemble a human being any longer.

Determining the status of someone's nose in Hollywood becomes a bit harder, where it seems every celebrity has had some sort of work done. While some will openly admit to having their lips done, others will go to their grave denying that certain parts of their body are not entirely flesh.

This week's Hollywood plastic surgery rumors are surrounding Hayden Panettiere. The actress was recently photographed on a Miami Beach wearing a skimpy bikini. The pics sparked rumors on the web that Panettiere's breasts may have been augmented in the recent past, as they appear larger than they did around the time she was starring in the Network TV show Heroes.

In an interview last fall, Panettiere stated that tabloid headlines had given her body dysmorphia in the past. The actress claims she is over her body issues, and she has not addressed the current speculation via her Twitter account. Everyone else on Twitter, however, has been talking about Panettiere's chest quite a bit:

(Image courtesy Hayden Panettiere via Twitter)

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