Have Timeline? Ask Your Doctor If Real Life Is Right For You

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I do not have genital herpes. I imagine that if I did, I would try almost anything to help my situation - even if some of the possible side effects included hallucinations, seizures, and coma. I do have Timeline, however, but unlike the prospect of genital warts, I'm not as desperate in my loathe of Timeline to risk the side effects of the treatment.

I mean, Real Life can result in awkward social situations, sunburn, and even death. I might not want everyone knowing that I recently listened to four (yes, four) Culture Club songs on Spotify, but I don't hate Timeline enough to try this new drug they call Real Life.

But it's clear that most people are now living with Timeline, and many of them wish to control the outbreaks. Fortunately for them, Real Life offers a way to lessen the sting of Facebook's newest feature.

This clever parody of the infamous "I have herpes" Valtrex commercials treats Facebook's Timeline as a sexually transmitted disease.

"Experts predict that in the next two weeks, over 500 million people will have Timeline, whether they like it or not," says the ad. "It doesn't matter how safe you are, you'll get Timeline." But these young people in the video were able to start living again with a once daily dose of Real Life. Check it out below, courtesy inwonderlandfilms.

Earlier this year, Facebook said that they would be starting a push to equip all user with Timeline. Prior to this, switching from the old profile to Timeline was purely optional - but final. You couldn't go back after adopting the new format. As you're probably aware, some users still haven't been forced to display Timeline, but that time is fast approaching. Since Facebook announced Timeline, users have complained for a variety of reasons. Of course, Facebook users tend to make noise about any big change to the network (eventually good or bad), but the negative buzz surrounding Timeline has been fervent and long-lasting.

Some users are concerned about privacy, while others simply do not like the format. A recent survey suggests that a large majority of those who have already switched are weary of privacy implications, and a great deal of them are having buyer's remorse. Some users are so upset by Timeline that "Remove Timeline" and "Deactivate Timeline" scams continue to pop up around the interwebs.

Like herpes, many of us will soon have Timeline. Unlike herpes, we're not entirely sure that it's forever. Either way, getting a healthy dose of Real Life every now and then shouldn't hurt anyone.

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