Harry Styles: Is Kendall Coming Between Him And The Band?

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Harry Styles recently celebrated his 20th birthday and although his fellow One Direction band members wished him a sincere happy birthday, there are rumors that Harry's girlfriend Kendall Jenner could be causing problems within the band.

Styles is famous for winter relationships and seems to prefer to be single during the warmer months. Maybe he just needs someone to keep him warm during the cold spells or maybe he can only keep a girlfriend a few months before he starts letting his relationship drama interfere with his career.

Although Styles is no longer a teenager, he is still young and in love and like many young adults, feels like he needs to spend all of his time with his girlfriend. Although the other One Direction members don't dislike Kendall, they are worried that she is distracting Styles from his music.

"Kendall’s a sweet girl, but they [the One Direction boys] see her as a bigger threat than Taylor Swift ever was," a source said. "Kendall seems to have cast a spell over Harry, and it’s disrupting other areas of his life because he’s always wanting to spend time with her or chat with her on the phone when they’re apart. It’s causing a lot of unrest."

Other sources claim that Styles has been arguing with his band members and they fear that he is losing interest in the band and his music. Styles has let girls come between him and the band before. When he was dating Taylor Swift, the band often fought and were rumored to have almost split up at one point. Kendall may be worse than Taylor.

Do you think One Direction could break up over Styles' relationship with Kendall?

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