Harry Potter Wizarding World's Diagon Alley Opening Date Still Not Set

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If you're excited to visit Universal Orlando's latest and great upcoming Harry Potter themed attraction, Diagon Alley, you're going to have to hold on to your wands, because it may be awhile.

The date is currently not fixed, but plans are that it will open sometime this summer. According to Reuters, the park expects an attendance increase due to the new attraction. The last time the park opened a Harry Potter themed area (which was their version of Hogsmeade Village), Orange County saw a major bump in tax revenue.

But Universal will have a problem if no one shows up because they didn't give out a date.

Hype has remained high so far. The new part of the park is being promoted on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which is only a little unusual for a theme park. And this week, the stars of the movies will be doing some promotion as well:

But despite the effort made by the park to drive up demand, some fans are a little put off that Universal isn't setting a date up in advance. "I'm not at all happy with it," Potter fan and student Jonathan Reyes told the Orlando Sentinel, "I'm not sure what they're doing." Reyes wants to visit the new attraction on opening day, but won't be able to get time off to go without a date.

What does Universal have to say for themselves?

"We announce grand-opening dates when we're ready … when we're able to provide a perfect guest experience," Tom Schroder, spokesman for the company, said.

In other words, prepare to be surprised.

The park plans to feature shops centered around merchandise and food from the Harry Potter world. On the menu is everything from pumpkin juice to butter-beer.

All of which can be enjoyed if you go, but you'll have to wait for Universal to give you the go ahead.

Image via Universal Orlando Resort, YouTube.

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