Harley Burial: Deceased Man Rides Motorcycle As Last Wish


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“He'd done right by us all these years, and at least we could see he goes out the way he wanted to,” Pete Standley said in regards to the funeral of his deceased father, whose body was perfectly placed on top of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle inside a casket.

Yes, you heard right.

Billy Standley last request to his family was to bury him with one of the things that kept him young and adventurous over the years: his blue 1967 Electra Glide motorcycle.

Dressed in a  black leather outfit with a white helmet and clear glasses, the 82-year-old lifeless rider would have been proud to know that he was finally granted what he wanted the most, “to ride off to heaven” in a big see-through box.

The Ohio-native died from lung cancer and was laid to rest Friday 24 during an outside funeral procession.

Prior to his death, Standley anticipated the thought of knowing that his family and friends would someday see him fixed on one of his most prized possessions.(image)

An 18-year-long burial idea, which then manifested into an actual project, set in the garage of his home for five years.

Standley's two sons, Pete and Roy, helped build the Plexiglas casket made of wood and steel.

His family said that he was very proud of his customized casket and used to show it off to visiting guests.

“He was a quirky man,” daughter Dorothy Brown told Dayton Daily News. “But when it comes to us kids, he loved us, he raised us well and, of course, we wanted to help him."

Vernon Funeral Homes Inc. told the newspaper that although this is the company's first extreme personalization, they were able to accommodate the dimensions of the grave to fit the size of the casket.

However, this is not the first time the deceased has bid ‘farewell' in-style, and quite frankly, it appears that personalized funerals are more common than before.

The corpse of former Puerto Rican Boxer Christopher Rivera Amaro, who was murdered at 23, was standing straight up in a ring during a wake service Friday.

Maybe TLC's over-the-top theme show, “Best Funeral Ever,” is to blame for this unusual trend?


Maybe families rather remember the fondest characteristics and moments of their loved ones by exhibiting them as they were alive?

Here is a list by Urlesque.com detailing some of the most rare funerals and caskets.

What are your thoughts?

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