Happy Presidents Day 2012! : Twitter Reactions

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Happy Presidents Day everyone! Today we honor all the men who have occupied the position of United States President. Originally, the holiday was enacted by congress to pay tribute to George Washington, the first president, and the first American citizen to be recognized with a civic holiday. In the past, most businesses and schools were closed on this day, but today it is a day celebrated by sales and promotion rather than one observed in reflection and admiration. Look for Washington's portrait in shopping malls and on car lots promising extra value and unprecedented deals!

It should seem like a natural progression to any of us who are patriots; to support America is to support industry. We are a nation of consumers and there is no better way to celebrate than to spend our hard-earned American Dollars!

Let's see what's on people's minds this Presidents Day 2012:

I don't know if this is a day people get excited about anymore, or if they ever did. I do know that life would not be the same for anyone in this country if we didn't have Lincoln or Washington. Celebrate what others have done for you and ask yourself what you can give them in return.