Happy Gilmore Gets The 8-Bit Treatment

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"Happy Gilmore" is one of Adam Sandler's best-loved films, even 18 years after its release. And even though Sandler himself was recently named Forbes Magazine's Most Overpaid Actor of 2013 after films like "That's My Boy" and "Jack And Jill" flopped at the box office, his comedic genius lives on in the movies most of us grew up on. Films like "Happy Gilmore" and "Billy Madison" are still quoted and beloved by a certain generation because of Sandler's refusal to grow up.

Now, you can see Happy and all his friends in an 8-bit version that makes me wish it was playable. 8 Bit Cinema brings us the video, which is set to classic Nintendo-style music. Watch as Billy is "discovered" by Chubbs, makes his way through the world of professional golf, and fights the croc that took Chubbs' hand, all while performing video game-like feats such as retrieving all his balls from the water.

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