"Hannah Montana:" Is Miley Cyrus Considering A Reunion Show?

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Hannah Montana starred Miley Cyrus and her dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. The show was Miley's big break in the entertainment industry.

E! News recently chatted with the bride-to-be (Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged again) and asked if a Hannah Montana reunion might one day be in the cards.

"I don't know, only if she, like, has an alter ego and is actually me," Cyrus replied. "Reverse it all the way around."

Miley Cyrus has emerged into a rather controversial celebrity--bearing body parts and doing drugs--behaving unlike the wholesome Hannah Montana.

"People want to see a lot of things that I can't do...on TV," she joked.

The topic soon turned to those Miley loves best--sex and her penchant for going naked. Those are likely the things she'd like Hannah Montana's alter ego to experience.

That said--a Hannah Montana reunion likely isn't in the cards.

When the Disney Channel show ended, many parents had already questioned allowing their children to attend concerts because of Miley Cyrus's new cache of behaviors. The once child-friendly star was no longer appropriate for many of the little girls who considered her an idol.

What do you suppose the Disney Channel might say if a Hannah Montana reunion was proposed? Would they have enough faith in Miley Cyrus to risk production of something with the potential to go terribly wrong?

This doesn't mean fans won't eventually seen Miley back on TV. Woody Allen has cast the Hannah Montana star in a new series set in the 1960s, that will air exclusively on Amazon.

Kimberly Ripley
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