Hannah Davis Doesn't Think Revealing Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Shot is Too Risqué

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Hannah Davis doesn't think her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015 Issue cover shot is all that risqué as some have complained.

During an appearance with Matt Lauer on Today Monday, Hannah Davis said that her cover, which shows her pulling her bikini bottom down to a level dangerously close to revealing too much of her anatomy, is not all that bad.

On several occasions over the past few days, Today covered up the bikini area of the photo to protect viewers eyes.

"Were we being prudent or just prudes, what's your opinion?" Lauer asked the model.

"Well, I think you're making it look a lot naughtier than it really is, to be honest," Hannah Davis said.

"I think Sports Illustrated always tried to do something a little different every year and I think this year it's the year of the torso," she explained.

Seems like that's the theme every year, but I digress.

Hannah Davis told Lauer that it was an "overwhelming moment" when she learned that she would be featured on the cover.

"The editor of Sports Illustrated came in with this cover and, yes, as you can see I was crying," she recalled as the morning show showed a clip of the moment when she got the good news. "I was so blindsided by the whole thing."

Lauer asked what her longtime boyfriend Derek Jeter thought about the cover.

"Um, I think everyone was really excited for me. My family and friends, they all flew in and threw me a surprise party, so...it's nice to celebrate with everyone," she said, without mentioning Jeter by name.

She also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and explained her excitement about getting the coveted cover. Check out the interview:

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