Hank Baskett Reportedly Cheated on Kendra Wilkinson

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On Friday, Hank Baskett will celebrate his five year anniversary with wife and former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson. That is, if Kendra doesn't leave Baskett before the date comes.

Recent reports state that Baskett, a former NFL star, had an extramarital affair with Ava London, a transsexual model famous for her YouTube videos. London, who also goes by Ava Masaniai, has come forward to tell her side of the encounter.

“I met Hank Baskett probably around the 22nd or 23rd of April this year. He contacted me through a video I had posted on YouTube and we exchanged information... I gave him the address to my house, he came over. I wasn’t expecting for him to come at the time he did, and I had just gotten out of the pool with my girlfriend," London recalled.

From there, relations between Baskett and London quickly escalated. While London insists that the two did not have sexual intercourse, things apparently got "handy" and Baskett left quite satisfied.

However, Baskett's satisfaction was soon replaced by paranoia, possibly due to the recent unfolding of events surrounding the affairs between Casper Smart, now ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, and two transsexuals. “He promised he would take care of her financially, and even left her $2,000 in a coffee cup at her house. He promised her $5,000 to keep her mouth shut, and even threatened to kill himself if the story got out,” reported an insider source.

If the time frame mentioned by London is correct, it means that Baskett cheated on Wilkinson while she was approximately 8 months pregnant with their daughter Alijah, who is now 36 weeks old.

As it currently stands, Baskett is not staying with Wilkinson at their home, but rather is crashing at a local three-star hotel.

Neither side has come forward for comments at this point in time.

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