Han Solo and Chewbacca Star in the Latest Angry Birds Star Wars Video


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We're now only one week away from the release of Angry Birds Star Wars, and Rovio is rolling out the gameplay videos with haste. We've already seen Luke & Leia and R2-D2 & C-3PO take on the evil piggy empire.

Today's preview showcases Han Solo, played by the yellow bird, and Chewbacca played by a very hairy version of the giant red bird. The Han bird will be able to fire a blaster that shoots ricocheting blaster bolts across the level. The Chewbacca bird will function much as the giant red bird does in other games, using his bulk to smash through obstacles. He does it with a familiar Wookie roar, though, which definitely makes it better.

This is the third day in a rown that Rovio has released a gameplay video for Angry Birds Star Wars. Will there be another duo debuting tomorrow, and if so, who will they be? The easy money is on Ben Kenobi making an appearance, but don't forget that Lando, Yoda, and the Ewoks have yet to make an appearance.