Halo Makes The Jump To PC And Windows Phone 8

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Microsoft has a certain strategy for its platforms that aren't doing so well. That strategy is just to slap Halo on it, and hope fans of the sci-fi shooter franchise buy into it. The Halo-themed Zune strategy didn't work out too well, but maybe an actual game will work for Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft Game Studios announced today that its next Halo title - Halo: Spartan Assault - is not coming to consoles. Instead, the game is coming exclusively to Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 PCs and tablets. Obviously, the hope is that Halo fans take to Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 devices to play this canon entry in the Halo storyline that takes place between Halo 3 and 4.

If a new game in the Halo universe is not enough for you, Halo: Spartan Assault also ties into Halo 4 so players can earn experience and emblems in the console game by playing the mobile title. Microsoft promises more integration with Halo 4 after launch.

Halo: Spartan Assault will launch this July exclusively on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices for $6.99. Oh, and because it's a mobile title, the game also has microtransactions for those who can't be bothered to level up their in-game character normally.

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