Halo Creators Unveil Their New Game, Destiny


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When Bungie abandoned the Halo franchise, gamers worried that the future of the series would be in jeopardy. Luckily, Halo landed in the capable hands of 343 studios, and the legend of Master Chief will continue for years to come.

What could possibly entice Bungie into giving up Halo, its baby and one of the most successful game series ever? This week the studio finally revealed what it has been working on for these past few years.

Destiny is the next title from the studio, which released a short video documentary filled with concept art, story teasers, and a very few second-long snippets of gameplay.

Destiny will be a first-person shooter and feature science fiction elements such as space ships, aliens, and future technology. It will take place on a post-apocalyptic Earth in which humans live in one city that was saved and is protected by a giant sphere called "The Traveler."

Though the world-building stuff sounds similar to Halo, the gameplay will not put characters into the shoes of "The One." Players will instead take on the role of a guardian of the human city. Three different character classes are available, the Titan, the Hunter, and the Warlock. Warlocks will use "magic" derived from the power of The Traveler.

The game will be always-online and feature multiplayer gameplay that shares qualities with MMO gaming and Borderlands-style co-op. Players will group up to take on dungeons such as derelict space ships and moon bases. Bungie expects players to be playing Destiny, or its sequels or updates, for at least the next ten years.