Halo 4 Release May Dampen Voter Turnout Among Gamers [POLL]

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Voting: it's your civic duty. It's the foundation of any democracy, a way for everyone to make their voice heard. Millions have fought and died to give you the right, and the privilege to cast your ballot. Without strong turnout on election day, the very fabric of our free society could unravel and usher in generations of disenfranchised citizens. Your country needs you, and apparently that call is so easily ignored that a video game release could lock in your apathy.

In a truly disheartening poll, over half of the people surveyed said that they were more likely to stand in a line to purchase Halo 4 than stand in a line to vote in this year's Presidential election. Of course, both the Halo 4 release and the election are occurring on Tuesday, November 6th.

The poll was conducted by IGN last week. They surveyed nearly 4,000 registered voters and found that 53% may choose Halo 4 of voting.

Furthermore, 24% said that they are "seriously considering" not voting in order to play Halo 4.

The poll looked at a couple of key swing states and found that 35% of registered voters in Florida are seriously considering Halo 4 over voting. 28% of registered voters in Ohio are considering doing to same.

For shame, America. For shame. Here's a compromise: Go vote, and you can write in Master Chief for one of your local senate races.

Josh Wolford
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