Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 2 Released


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Today the second episode of the live-action Halo web series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn was released on Machinima and Halo Waypoint. For those who haven't seen the first episode, the series chronicles the training of Hastati Squad, a group of recruits to the UNSC Corbulo Academy of Military Science. The UNSC is as war with insurrectionist colonists on disparate planets, but, of course, a greater threat looms out in the darkness. The series airs on Fridays up to the November 6th release of Halo 4 , and the story ties into the beginning of Halo 4.

Last week we saw Thomas Lasky struggle at the academy, trying to live up to his family name and become a model soldier. Though he isn't as disciplined as his brother, and doesn't have the force of command as his high-ranking mother, he does possess a drive to do what he believes is best. And he is opinionated. It's easy to see why these qualities might not immediately be of use at a military academy.

This week, Lasky tests his superiors and squad mates even more by letting his temper flare. He also begins to show those leadership qualities everyone keeps insisting he must have. Meanwhile, something big is happening that the school's superiors aren't telling the trainees about.