Halo 4 Details Revealed in 343 Industries Interview

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Frank O'Connor, the franchise development director for Halo at 343 Industries, gave an interview to Wal-Mart's gamecenter. He let slip a few details about the Halo 4 campaign, but is mostly vague on what Master Chief will be up against. The video of the interview, which you can view below, features some new gameplay footage of the highly-anticipated title. 343 Industries is the current developer of the Halo series.

O'Connor stated that Halo 4 will have more additions to the series than any Halo game before it. New weapons, abilities, vehicles, and enemies will be included. He was especially cagey about the "big secret" of the new enemies in Halo 4, but did reiterate that The Covenant alien species from previous Halo games will make a return. "So, The Covenant are back in Halo 4. They're not going to be necessarily your primary antagonists. They're going to be around a fair amount, and they're not particularly pleased to see you." said O'Connor.

According to O'Connor, Master Chief's persona will be a large part of the story in Halo 4. Thankfully, he also states that the character will not become more talkative. These reveals will come as part of how Master Chief interacts with the characters that surround him. O'Connor said that Halo 4 will be "introducing a lot of new characters," including other Spartans. These super-soldiers will have upgraded Mark IV Spartan Armor and consider Master Chief their hero. "There's going to be some really interesting interaction between the two different generations of Spartan," said O'Connor. Great, just what Master Chief needs - adoring fans.

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