Halloween: Tips For Keeping Kids Safe While Trick Or Treating

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Halloween is almost here and that means trick or treaters will be knocking on your door and asking for candy.

While most people see Halloween and Trick Or Treat as a fun time of year, some parents get nervous and concerned for their children’s safety.

If you have young trick or treaters and want to make sure you are keeping them safe this Halloween, consider some of these tips.

Since most neighborhoods and cities hold Trick Or Treat during the evening hours, it will likely be dark out when your little mummy or goblin heads out. To make sure they are easily noticed by passing cars and other people, make sure their costumes are not too dark. If your child insists on wearing a dark colored costume, add a light or reflector of some sort to make them more noticeable at dark. You can find glow-in-the-dark stickers, light up pins and even glowstick necklaces that are perfect for night time trick or treating.

While most people would never think of doing anything that could hurt a child, unfortunately, there are those that do. Before you let your child start eating Halloween candy gathered during Trick Or Treat, be sure to check each piece. If any pieces look like they have been tampered with throw them out and do not allow children to eat them.

If you will not be accompanying your child during Trick Or Treat, be sure to set rules or boundaries for them. Give them a list of streets or houses that they are allowed to visit and a certain time to be back home. Also ask them to text or call you throughout the evening so you know they are okay.

Regardless of how safe your neighborhood is or how old your children are, it is not a good idea to let them trick or treat alone. If you can’t go with them or they are at the age where they don’t want you to go, insist that they go with a friend or small group of friends. There is safety in numbers and the friends will help look out for each other.

Don’t stress out about Halloween and Trick Or Treat, enjoy them and follow these tips to make sure your children are safe and having fun too.

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