Halloween Costumes: Top Three Worst Ideas

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Halloween is a time to get creative and have fun with your costume. While some people prefer to take the easy route and buy their costume from the store or online, many others like to make their own.

Regardless of how you obtain your costume, you probably choose it with the best of intentions. You may think it will scare somebody or make them laugh. Some of the worst Halloween costumes were bought or made with the best of intentions and while the wearer may have thought they were looking their best, that's definitely not the case.

Food Costumes
Everyone has a favorite food, but do you really need to dress up as it for Halloween? Food costumes are one of the worst costume ideas because they really make no sense. They aren't scary, they aren't sexy and they aren't even all that funny. Sure they are random and a few of them might get some laughs, but it's best to keep your food on your plate instead of wearing it as a costume.

Mini Dress Costumes
To quote Mean Girls, "Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it." Many girls take advantage of this unspoken rule and most people don't complain, but girls, you can do better than animal ears and lingerie, and many of the popular mini dress costumes are very close to that. Not only are they boring and cheap, but if you are constantly being questioned about what your costume is, it probably isn't a good one. There are plenty of ways to look sexy on Halloween, skip the lame mini dress costumes and get creative ladies.

Celebrity Costumes
Who doesn't like to make fun of celebrities, but celebrity costumes are old and overdone. Most of the time the person in the costume doesn't look anything like the celebrity he or she is supposed to be and lets face it, we see enough of Miley Cyrus and the Duck Dynasty clan on the television. Do we really need to see them begging for candy or taking Jello shots at a Halloween party? I think everyone will agree that you can make fun of a celebrity without dressing like one for Halloween.

While these costumes might be some of the worst ever worn, there are plenty of other horrible costumes to be spotted this Halloween. If you happen to find yourself wearing one of these cliché costumes don't feel bad. Halloween is all about having fun and if your costume makes you happy then own it, regardless of how terrible it might seem to everyone else around you.

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