Halle Berry Says Ex Is A Freeloader, Wants Her Child Support Payments Reduced

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Halle Berry sat at the other end of the courtroom as she prepared to battle with ex-boyfriend Gabiel Aubry over child support payments.

The Extant actress’ child support trial against the 38-year-old Canadian model began after she filed court documents late last year requesting to reduce the amount of money she is required to pay Aubry to help care for their daughter, Nahla.

The 48-year-old actress filed for the judge to reduce her child support payments from $16,000 per month to around $3,000 per month. In May of last year, the judge ordered Berry to pay Aubry almost $200,000 per year plus tuition money to support their daughter.

The former couple split in 2010 after 4 years of being together. They both share joint-custody of their seven-year-old.

According to gossip website TMZ.com, the X-Men star has no issue with paying for Aubry to look after Nahla when he has physical custody.

On the other hand, she believes “he is using the money to avoid work” and that the model “needs to get a job.”

According to the document the actress and her lawyer filed in court last November, Berry said, “There is no case, no law, no logic that says a healthy, active man gets to simply live off child support that the wealthier mother earns.”

Berry also accused Aubry for spending most of the money for his own needs, which included $700 on fitness, $1,000 on clothing and nearly $2,000 on car expenses amongst others.

The model claims that he has struggled to find work since Berry’s current husband, French actor Olivier Martinez, beat him up back in 2012. Berry and Martinez also have a 21-month-old son together named Maceo.

Halle Berry is set to star in the thriller film Kidnap which will premiere on October 9. She will play the role of a mother determined to find her kidnapped son. The film is directed by Luis Prieto.

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