Hailey Baldwin Denies Having Plastic Surgery, Disrespecting Waitress

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Daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, Hailey Baldwin, has been fighting off rumors lately about body issues and bad behavior. The 17-year-old has been upset about rumors circulating that she had plastic surgery, so she took to Twitter to defend herself.

“I'm writing this because this is an issue that has been bothering me for a long time now, there have been multiple comments made to me over social media (specifically Instagram) about my looks not being natural or altered by surgery. It's quite hurtful for a 17-year-old who already has insecurities and is growing up and changing in the public eye to have these things said constantly,” she tweeted.

Baldwin claims that the changes in her body are due to puberty. “Everybody grows up, your face changes and you mature and that's what is happening to me. It makes me feel quite horrible to think that people think I look so unnatural. I ignore it every time but it's gotten to be a bit much for me. So for the last time, I have never touched my face surgically,” she further tweeted, in the hopes of ending all rumors that she’s had work done on her body.

Recently, Baldwin also faced accusations that she and best friend Kendall Jenner had tried to escape paying for dinner and thrown money at the waitress who pursued them after they left the restaurant. Baldwin and Jenner claim that the story is untrue, saying that they forgot to pay but didn’t throw money at waitress Blaine Morris. Jenner is currently considering suing Morris for the defamatory story.

Baldwin and her best friend went out to dinner last Tuesday and didn’t forget to pay for it that time. The two had their credit cards ready to pay the $550 bill and added a generous $160 tip. They were joined by Baldwin’s father, Stephen, and had raw oysters, lollipop lamb chops and lobster ravioli.

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