Gwyneth Paltrow Designs $90 White T-Shirt

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I'm no fashion expert--I still wear my husband's old Misfits t-shirts to bed--but I'm pretty sure a plain old white t-shirt isn't worth ninety bucks, no matter how much you try to fancy it up with piping.

Yet that's what actress Gwyneth Paltrow is doing for The Goop Collection, who partnered with Kain Label to throw some black grosgrain piping on the shoulders and sides of the shirt in an effort to make you feel like you've just bought something worth $90. According to the site, which features Paltrow as a model:

We've collaborated with Kain Label, creators of the perfect tee, to create a version exclusive to goop. Inspired by tuxedo tailoring, we added grosgrain piping to the shoulders and sides, and shortened the length, modernizing this essential wardrobe staple. Only available in the US.

Upon viewing the shirt, I noticed two things right off the bat: 1. It looks like an unfinished DIY version of a men's Hanes t-shirt, which can be bought in a pack of three for around twelve bucks. 2. It's see-through, which means it's super thin and flimsy. I give them three washes before they disintegrate, unless you want to dry clean a white t-shirt.

Nice try, Paltrow, but I think I'll stick to my husband's Misfits t-shirts. They've lasted a good fifteen years now.



One commenter on a Yahoo! forum says she'd rather pay $90 to never hear Coldplay again.

"If a hundred thousand people buy one of my 90 dollar GOOP t-shirts, my husband Chris Martin and his band Coldplay will retire from music forever." That would be enough incentive for me to purchase one.

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