Gwen Stefani Reminisces About Sting Obsession

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Gwen Stefani recently shared a slew of selfies of her blossoming pregnant body with her fans, but even more recently she shared a bevy of memories of a music star and days gone by. Gwen was once an avid fan of a very sexy member of the band The Police--who just happened to go by the name of Sting. Stefani shared her 1980s obsession and her excitement at meeting the singer and obtaining his autograph back in 1983.

Maybe Mama Gwen is nesting and going through old mementoes from days gone by--those which prove that even though you're a huge music sensation like Gwen Stefani--you can still have big crushes on other singers. Gwen soon fast-forwarded 20 years to 2003, when she and her band No Doubt played at the Super Bowl half time show with none other than Sting. Oh, what a life she has lived.

Stefani is expecting the couple's third boy and is carrying her pregnancy is fine fashion, as she did with her first two pregnancies. Might this fun reminiscing be part of her preparation for experiencing the joys of motherhood yet again? Women do strange things when a new baby is soon to make an appearance into the world. Looking back over the excitement she has lived looking through exciting old memories wouldn't be an unusual way for someone like Gwen to nest.

Check out this adorable picture Gwen tweeted of herself in 1983, leaning close to Sting--replete with a head full of bleached blonde hair--for an autograph. Do you think she had any clue back then that she would one day take the stage to audiences the size of those for whom Sting performed?

And how about this--Gwen reliving her performance with a man who was once her idol--and now is her equal? Pretty exciting stuff.

Of course these memories might not mean that Gwen Stefani's third child is making his entrance soon. It could be she traveled back in time to visit a previous Super Bowl as she and hubby Gavin Rossdale, along with sons Kingston and Zuma attended a Super Bowl party in West Hollywood on Sunday.

Either way these tweets are great. Thanks, Gwen Stefani, for the memories.

What do you suppose Sting thinks now about the way he looked back then?

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