Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton: The Truth About Their 'Romance' Revealed

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Following their recent divorce from their respective partners, rumors about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton dating have surfaced because of their noticeable closeness.

There has been a lot of speculation that Stefani and Shelton have a special connection, especially when they were seen eating lunch in Stefani’s dressing room and Shelton calling her when she’s not on set.

But a source close to Shelton said there’s nothing between him and Stefani. "It's total bulls**t," the source told People. "There's nothing there. They're nothing more than friends." The source also said that Shelton is open to entering another relationship but it would be in the future and not now.

In fact, Shelton tweeted to make light of the said rumors, “I literally just got back from FAR northern Quebec chasing caribou and now read about all the crazy stuff I’ve been doing lately?!! #WTF?!”

Apparently, they grew close because of the similar marital situations that they both went through around the same time.

But even though they are not dating, both of them have been singing each other’s praises in their past interviews.

"I don't think anybody's more covered up than Gwen, from just raising three boys and balancing a TV show and a solo record or a No Doubt record and touring and her clothing line," Shelton, 39, told PEOPLE. "Every day in the compound, you see her having a meeting with people you've never seen her having a meeting with before. It's crazy."

Stefani on the other hand said, "He's such a fun, funny guy. He just seems like such a good person. I love being around him."

With Christina Aguilera’s comeback on season 10, everybody’s asking now how it would turn out for Stefani and Shelton.

Shelton’s recent tweet seems to imply that dating Stefani could still be a possibility.

“The stuff I read about myself blows my mind. Shouldn't I get to do all these things since I'm already accused of them?”

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