Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton: Making Miranda Lambert Jealous?

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Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert are on good terms despite rumors that Lambert does not want to see any news about her ex-husband Blake Shelton and fellow Voice coach Stefani, who are currently dating.

Some sources claim that Lambert told an assistant to tear out all news articles about Shelton and Stefani before she reads them as the country songstress is not happy seeing photographs of the new couple.

“Unable to stand hearing of the "happy couple," she’s ordered an aide to intercept all her mags and newspapers and slash every last Blake/Gwen story or photo! She never, ever wants to lay eyes on those lovebirds again,” an insider spilled.

However, the said report was not true as Stefani and Lambert follow each other on social media. They may not be close friends but both women respect one another, according to a source close to the singers involved.

“Gwen and Miranda are actually big fans of each others' music and respect each other as artists. Miranda has always thought very highly of Gwen and thinks she is an extremely talented artist,” spilled the source, adding Stefani is not the type of woman to be catty at all.

Contrary to what the rumors are saying, the source stated that Miranda Lambert is happy for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, although she would probably feel a little hurt if the couple gets married and builds a family soon.

“The tears are long gone. Miranda seeing Blake having his relationship with Gwen out in the open has eventually become more of a healing process for her,” the source told adding, “Admittedly, though, if Blake has a child with Gwen or gets married to Gwen, that will hit a little hard.”

While Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are enjoying their newfound love, Miranda Lambert just confirmed her relationship with fellow country singer Anderson East last month.

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