Guy Gives Himself Dermal Implants to Mount His iPod Nano


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Body piercer David Huban really likes his iPod Nano. So much so, that he actually embedded it in his skin. He implanted magnets it four places on his wrist to hold the device in place, making for a sort of strapless watch.

For those unfamiliar with dermal implants, the process involves placing a backer under the epidermis, with a stud protruding through the surface. It is definitely on the more extreme end of the body modification spectrum, and probably the most painful, though I don't actually have any myself.

We can't really justify our love for gadgets this much, but as far as body modifications go, at least this one actually serves a purpose. My suggestion is the next step to be to strap an iPad on his chest and pretend he is Iron Man.

He documented the process for us in the video below. Warning: There is blood and tearing of flesh. The impressive thing, though, is he does the whole process himself.

It's one way to enjoy the product hands free, but we can't help but wonder if it hurts to have that thing wiggling around on his wrist, especially when he plugs in his headphones.

[h/t: UberGizmo]