Guy Builds Functional Star Trek Phaser in Garage


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Okay, that "getting laid" part was only speculation, but the "Functional Star Trek Phaser" part is real... sort of.

In case you were wanting to up your geek level to uber-status, we present to you a life-like version of the Star Trek Phaser to complete your cosplay collection. These semi-functional Star Trek phasers were built with Playstation 3 Blu-Ray drives and toy phaser models to replicate the "real" thing.

If you fired these things at an alien, they would be left with a really unpleasant warming sensation on their skin. So, yeah. Take that, alien scum.

You will notice that some of these videos look a little smokey. A fog machine was used to show the laser traveling through the air, otherwise it just looks like a laser pointer. Mainly because that's what it is, a high powered laser pointer.

I case you are wondering how to build your own Star Trek Laser, jayrob94561 includes a link to the laser pointer forum with instructions on how to build your own. Yes, there is a laser pointer forum.


So far these phasers can only by set to "ruin children's birthday party" as the only thing they are good for is popping ballons. And looking cool...

[via: Huffington Post]