"Guide To Going Google" Debuts


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When making a big decision, many people like to do some research on their own before meeting with a salesperson.  And sellers might prefer this arrangement, too, since it saves them from having to answer the same basic questions over and over.  So Google's probably made a wise move by releasing a "Guide to Going Google" for schools and universities.

Think of this as a sophisticated online sales brochure designed to promote Google Apps for Education.  A post on the Official Google Enterprise Blog explained that the Guide "provides tools and resources that help students, faculty, staff and alumni make the most of your transition."

More specifically, "The guide outlines six steps to successfully going Google: technical deployment, outreach, training, getting the word out, going live, and staying up to date."

Also, by offering two different editions, Google made sure people at institutions of all sizes and makeups (in terms of students' ages) would be able to find info related to their situation.

It's easy to imagine this will persuade some teachers, professors, and administrators to take the next step.  Then in case anyone's in need of additional encouragement, Google put together a video highlighting Google Apps success stories at a few different colleges.

Look for at least a couple more instances of Google Apps adoption to occur as a result.