GTA Online Still Suffering, Rockstar Addresses Complaints

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Since it launched on Tuesday, Grand Theft Auto Online has been spotty at best. The online mode for the mega-hit Grand Theft Auto V was flooded with millions of players, causing servers to clog within minutes of its launch. It's a safe bet that on launch day a majority of players were either not able to play the multiplayer mode or experienced severe glitches, including locked-up consoles, deleted characters, and missing limbs.

Now, with GTA Online finally beginning to become playable for a majority of gamers, Rockstar provided an update about the game's status and some info about what it is doing to fix the problems. Though the developer did not issue an outright apology, it did admit that GTA Online has "been a bit less than smooth" for players this week.

A significant fix has been pushed out for PlayStation 3 owners, allowing more than a few of them to access GTA Online at one time. The developer is also working on what it is calling "instability across the GTA Online services."

Now that more people can access the game, Rockstar has turned to fixing the first mission. When entering GTA Online, players are forced into a tutorial car racing mission and many players have experienced game freezes and other glitches when starting the race. Rockstar stated it will be "unblocking" the mission in some way, though it wasn't specific on whether players will be able to skip the race.

In the meantime, with all of the troubles plaguing GTA Online, Rockstar has disabled sales for in-game cash. The developer stated that the microtransactions will go on sale again when everybody has access to the game and the service is stable (presumably when players can be guaranteed that their in-game cash won't simply disappear).

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