Grumpy Cat Turns Two, Still A Total Downer


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Like most toddlers, Grumpy Cat was unimpressed upon her entrance to Life: Year Two. This comes as no surprise to fans, as Grumpy Cat (given name: Tardar Sauce) is notorious for being altogether morose even upon momentous occasions (see: Grumpy Cat meeting Morgan Spurlock). This also comes as no surprise to the majority of high-school educated citizens of the world, who know Grumpy Cat is entirely unaware of her celebrity status/birthday/overall facial expression. Being a cat, she does not comprehend the realities of her own existence, a trait that (some) human beings posses and distinguishes us from other forms of animal life.

That being said, it is impressive a cat of such tender age is able to maintain composure amongst the glitterati. Case in point: for her birthday, Grumpy Cat paid a visit to Vogue magazine headquarters in New York City, an office that anyone who has seen The Devil Wears Prada (and made the obvious Runway=Vogue connection) would know to avoid due to a potential run-in with Meryl Streep: Mean Version, aka Anna Wintour. But Grumpy Cat blended in beautifully with the crème de la crème of the magazine because in the world of high fashion, it's cool to be aloof.

Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat, and thanks for the reminder that you have gone farther in your career as an animal who gets photographed while grimacing at inappropriate moments than some of us (ahem) have after a decade in the corporate world. Thanks a lot.

Image via Twitter