Grumpy Cat: Now Two And Headed To Hollywood


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The internet recently wished its most popular living meme a happy second birthday.

Grumpy Cat, known affectionately by her owners as Tardar Sauce, achieved global fame after starring in YouTube videos which went viral.

When one looks at the seemingly unhappy expression on the feline's face, it's easy to understand why she became so popular. There have been dour cat expressions before, but Grumpy Cat's unique frown is in a league of its own.

Owners Tabatha and Bryan Bundesen are hoping to really cash in on the two-year-old kitty's popularity with a Hollywood movie.

Mum's the word on the exact nature of the movie project and who may be giving a voice to the famous cat. For now fans of Grumpy Cat can only speculate.

The cat's family has been working hard to make the most of Grumpy Cat's fame while it lasts, as no meme endures forever. The self-described "blue collar couple" admits that the attention and income generated by Grumpy Cat has changed their lives considerably.

"It's been a blessing," said owner Bryan Budesen, "We're very thankful for it."

Grumpy Cat has numerous endorsements and licensing deals, including a deal with popular cat food company Friskies. The cat will feature on limited edition Party Mix treats.

For her birthday, the meme kitty was able to take a grand tour of New York City. She even managed to put in an appearance at Vogue.

The cat was photographed lying among a series of Vogue magazines images that featured models posing with fellow felines.

Grumpy Cat's expression being what it is, the cat looked anything but impressed.

One positive aspect of the cat's global reach is that it shines a light on feline dwarfism. As for the cat's exact breed, many believe it to be a snowshoe Siamese.

Image via Wikimedia Commons