Groupon To Hire 100 Engineers


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Groupon, the Chicago-based company that presently has about 200 employees at its Palo Alto office, seeks to expand its west coast operation with as many as 100 new hires.

Groupon, who has already been buying billboards along the highways between San Francisco and the South Bay, plans to host a recruiting event in its Silicon Valley location later in the spring. The Palo Alto research and development office mostly employs data analysts, technologists and developers, primarily working on mobile and merchant products. The Groupon Scheduler was developed there.

groupon billboard

The 40,000 square foot office has grown through various mergers and acquisitions, which makes roughly 1 in 3 employees former CEOs or startup entrepreneurs. Interestingly, Google Android chief Andy Rubin started his company called Danger in the building, and Dreamworks came up with the Shrek franchise there.

In the hilarious joke-making fashion typical of Groupon, the first floor conference rooms have all been given clever names - rooms include “IRS Audit”, "Lion Tipping" and “Zombie Invasion." Groupon also remains on the cutting edge by not demanding the Facebook passwords of its employees.