Groupon Announces New Merchant Tools Including New Tablet App

Groupon announced new website, mobile, and tablet enhancements aimed at making it easier for merchants to create and manage Groupon marketing campaigns across devices.

These include redesigned web and mobile tools under the Groupon Merchant brand, as well as a new tablet app that lets users track and manage their Groupon campaigns and more self-service deal options.

The company says this provides merchants the ability to customize the structure and appearance of their promotion.

“We’ve seen first hand that local businesses can compete in an increasingly connected world and against online giants, and we’re focused on continuing to enable that competition,” said Aaron Cooper, SVP of North America Services at Groupon. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to bringing in new customers, which is why we’re giving merchants every option they need to run a promotion with us in a way that’s the most advantageous for their business.”

"The new Groupon Merchant tablet app works in tandem with existing web and mobile tools so merchants can track and manage their Groupon campaigns across all of their devices," the company said. "Businesses can use the app to redeem Groupons, monitor campaign performance, share positive feedback via social media and respond to customer service inquiries."

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Deal Builder users can now choose a customized discount, and merchants can now use their own images and descriptions.

Image via Groupon (BusinessWire)