Grouper Fish Makes Shark Its Watery Bitch

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It has been a baaad week for sharks.

First there was the report of a bull shark that was on the losing end of a battle with an 18-foot crocodile named Brutus.

While that feisty fish might have gotten away in the end, it’s a different story for this unlucky shark.

In a new viral video, a group of fishermen capture a shark and grouper fish circling each other. The fisherman seem to have nabbed the four-foot shark based on the line that is clearly attached to the sea creature.

Being hooked may have put the little guy at a distinct disadvantage, since it didn't have a chance to flee or defend itself.

As the filming fishermen were reeling in the captured shark, the grouper fish leaped up and swallowed the shark!

In a matter of seconds the grouper was gone, leaving behind an amazed group of humans with some great footage.

Since hitting YouTube a couple of days ago, the shocking video has quickly amassed views. It’s already nearing the four million view mark!

Perhaps the reason this video is so stunning is that it helps shatter the image of the creature long held by people.

For many decades sharks have been viewed as extremely terrifying, if not totally invincible—the kings of the ocean.

Often pictured as larger than life, shark species in fact vary greatly by size and shape.

This shark was only about four feet in length, which means it lacked the threat of say a Great White shark. The Great White tends to be about 20 feet in length.

Before you start feeling too confident about your own chances against the shark in the viral video, know this: A shark that size could do some damage...if not drown you!

So yes, sharks can still be very dangerous to us wimpy humans while being little more than a meal for other fish.

It all depends on the context of the situation.

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