Grooveshark is Back For Android Devices

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Grooveshark, the streaming music platform, has finally had its app reinstated for Android platforms. The app, which is now available in the Google Play store, allows users to stream genre radio stations, make custom radio stations similar to Pandora, and play on-demand music. The on-demand music streaming is a feature that only subscribers who pay $9 a month can use.

For almost the entirety of 2012, Grooveshark has only been available to Android users through the Grooveshark mobile web app, which was created when the Grooveshark app was banned following legal troubles. Grooveshark has been sued by all the major music labels because it doesn't have the rights to much of the music that can be found through its service. Even the deal the platform tried to work out with EMI was a failure.

A spokesperson for Grooveshark this week told VentureBeat that its Android app was reinstated after the company worked closely with Google to remove "rogue apps." Its statement also hinted that the company would be "pioneering" new distribution and monetization techniques.

Grooveshark has also updated the visuals of its Android app with new default album art, larger album art in places, and new album art transitions. It also now includes playback support for the HTC One S and One X, both of which have a branded Beats Audio feature.